Let’s talk!

Exciting news! Moreton Bay Science is the recipient of a grant from Advance Queensland!

What’s this grant for? Primarily, to help build the profile of the amazing work done by marine scientists in Moreton Bay, but equally important is the facilitation of dialogue between scientists and everyone else who uses the Bay.

To live near Moreton Bay, or spend even a little time in it, is to love it. And when we love something, we want to understand it.

“What’s the reason for the MNP14 green zone to the east of Mud Island?”
“Why can’t I catch a snapper near Scarborough Reef this year?”
“What will happen to the prawn fisheries with climate change?”
“What’s the meaning of this strange dolphin behaviour?”

But the purpose of Moreton Bay Science is not just to have questions answered by scientists. Scientists are by nature aware they don’t know everything – that’s why they’re scientists, so they can learn more!

“I’ve never seen this fish so far south….”
“More and more people are flying drones near the Wynnum Wetlands and I think it’s spooking the migratory birds”
“Has anyone studied whether the green zones have mean increased impact in NON-green zones?”

Your local ecological knowledge is important. So is the science. Let’s talk!

south straddie research



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