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Podcast episode: Dr Kylie Pitt

This week's episode features Dr Kylie Pitt, from Griffith University, who told me about her passion for science, for sea jellies, and the new Sea Jellies Illuminated exhibit at Sea World Gold Coast. Take a listen to the episode: Jellyfish really are under-sung heroes of the ocean! When we think jellyfish, we usually think of… Continue reading Podcast episode: Dr Kylie Pitt

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Podcast episode: Penny and Kylie – Tangalooma EcoMarines

This week's podcast was with Penny and Kylie from Tangalooma EcoMarines. Penny and Kylie have boundless enthusiasm for Moreton Bay, and their vision for a local community motivated to celebrate and protect Moreton Bay is being adopted by young people all across Southeast Queensland. Listen to the episode: Kylie (left) and Penny, with part of… Continue reading Podcast episode: Penny and Kylie – Tangalooma EcoMarines

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Podcast Episode: Jen Conde

This week's episode was with Jen Conde, an artist and graphic designer who takes great inspiration from Moreton Bay. Podcast here: Some of Jen's wonderful Moreton Bay-inspired art. Here expressed on fabric, and a stunning rug (c) Jen Conde A quick diversion... When I've talked to people about why I do the Moreton Bay Online… Continue reading Podcast Episode: Jen Conde

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New podcast: Peter Ludlow

Peter Ludlow, historian and author, has probably done more to keep the post-settlement history of Moreton Bay alive than anyone else. A 25 minute podcast doesn't do justice to the wealth of information Peter has about Moreton Bay, so before you read anything else, please visit Peter's blog. He's recently posted about a couple of… Continue reading New podcast: Peter Ludlow

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Podcast Episode: Cam Cotterell

Where do I even start? With jealousy, probably! Here's the episode: Cam's pictures and videos (and his own words in the podcast) are worth more than anything I can say here, so I'd rather simply note these are all from Moreton Bay, and throw in a few things I think are worth noting along the… Continue reading Podcast Episode: Cam Cotterell