Welcome to Moreton Bay Science!

Moreton Bay is a stunning semi-enclosed bay in South-East Queensland, extending from Bribie Island on the Sunshine Coast in the north, to the Gold Coast Spit in the south.

This 1500 km2 bay is sourced by six rivers from mainland coast, and is sheltered on the east by 4 major sand islands.

More than just a marine playground for the 2.5 million people who live on the mainland, the Bay is also home to a number of commercial industries such as tourism, aquaculture, fisheries and shipping.

This blog celebrates the excellent and diverse marine science that underpins these industries, and explores the relationship between science and the vast and diverse cultural relationships held by those who are privileged to live here.

1390587_10151758434543527_2141019626_nI’m Katie Walters, and Moreton Bay is my home! Moreton Bay Science is part of my PhD project (2017-2020). For now, posts will consist of a variety of bits’n’pieces about Moreton Bay – some history, images, and connections with the land.

Coming in early 2018 will be the #100daysofmoretonbay campaign, which will feature 100 posts showcasing science in the lives and activities not only of scientists, but of diverse groups and individuals as they work or play by the Bay.

If you would like your activities or your research to be included here or in the upcoming feature campaign, I would love to hear from you! Visit the Contact page to drop me an email.

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