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Podcast episode: John Page

John is a second-generation commercial fisher in Moreton Bay, and I have to tell you guys, he had a wealth of stories and information to share! Though hopefully this podcast series and blog has brought to light some of the other very significant "stakes" we might have in Moreton Bay, it's probably no surprise that… Continue reading Podcast episode: John Page

Fishing, People, Species and Places in Moreton Bay

Podcast Episode: Robbie Porter

Robbie Porter is the president of the Moreton Bay Chapter of Ozfish Unlimited - he's a longtime recreational angler, and he is utterly passionate about looking after the place he loves so much. He also makes a great coffee, and has a suuuuuper cute friend called Pippi, who came within a whisker of being abducted… Continue reading Podcast Episode: Robbie Porter

Fishing, Podcast Episodes, Species and Places in Moreton Bay

Podcast Episode: Cam Cotterell

Where do I even start? With jealousy, probably! Here's the episode: Cam's pictures and videos (and his own words in the podcast) are worth more than anything I can say here, so I'd rather simply note these are all from Moreton Bay, and throw in a few things I think are worth noting along the… Continue reading Podcast Episode: Cam Cotterell

Fishing, Podcast Episodes, Species and Places in Moreton Bay

Podcast episode: Sheridan Rabbitt

Sheridan works as the station assistant at Moreton Bay Research Station, looking after school groups - she gets to watch the eyes of young people light up as they see the Bay and learn about what's under the water! In this episode, we talked about her work at the station, but also about Sheridan's own… Continue reading Podcast episode: Sheridan Rabbitt