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Podcast episode: Cameron Costello

This final episode of Moreton Bay Online featured Cameron Costello, and I'm really happy it did, as it gives me a chance to circle back around to the reason for this program, and to share some moments of my learning over the last 8 years that changed the way I see the world, particularly how… Continue reading Podcast episode: Cameron Costello

Moreton Bay Community Coastal Capacity, People, Podcast Episodes

Podcast episode: Peter Downie

It was lovely to hear the stories Peter had to tell us about the life-changing experience people can have on the Bay. These are the experiences that contribute to people's positive Sense of Place - they become internalised, part of the fabric of the full picture of our own lives. If you haven't listened to… Continue reading Podcast episode: Peter Downie

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Podcast episode: John Page

John is a second-generation commercial fisher in Moreton Bay, and I have to tell you guys, he had a wealth of stories and information to share! Though hopefully this podcast series and blog has brought to light some of the other very significant "stakes" we might have in Moreton Bay, it's probably no surprise that… Continue reading Podcast episode: John Page

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Podcast Episode: Robbie Porter

Robbie Porter is the president of the Moreton Bay Chapter of Ozfish Unlimited - he's a longtime recreational angler, and he is utterly passionate about looking after the place he loves so much. He also makes a great coffee, and has a suuuuuper cute friend called Pippi, who came within a whisker of being abducted… Continue reading Podcast Episode: Robbie Porter

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Podcast episode: Craig Wilson

This week's episode features Craig Wilson, who is the Environment Manager for Port of Brisbane. Have a listen: Corporate Social Responsibility For this blog, I thought it might be good to discuss a term we used in the episode: Corporate social responsibility (CSR). Undertaking voluntary environmental monitoring programs- ie, monitoring programs that aren't legally required… Continue reading Podcast episode: Craig Wilson

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Podcast Episode: Jen Conde

This week's episode was with Jen Conde, an artist and graphic designer who takes great inspiration from Moreton Bay. Podcast here: Some of Jen's wonderful Moreton Bay-inspired art. Here expressed on fabric, and a stunning rug (c) Jen Conde A quick diversion... When I've talked to people about why I do the Moreton Bay Online… Continue reading Podcast Episode: Jen Conde

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New podcast: Peter Ludlow

Peter Ludlow, historian and author, has probably done more to keep the post-settlement history of Moreton Bay alive than anyone else. A 25 minute podcast doesn't do justice to the wealth of information Peter has about Moreton Bay, so before you read anything else, please visit Peter's blog. He's recently posted about a couple of… Continue reading New podcast: Peter Ludlow