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Podcast episode: Chris Walker

Chris Walker has a lot of followers on social media, for a pretty great reason - simply, his images are wonderful. He takes photos of the wildlife of the Redlands, and his accounts could be said to hold a single message "are we prepared to lose this?"

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Podcast episode: Sheridan Rabbitt

Sheridan works as the station assistant at Moreton Bay Research Station, looking after school groups - she gets to watch the eyes of young people light up as they see the Bay and learn about what's under the water! In this episode, we talked about her work at the station, but also about Sheridan's own… Continue reading Podcast episode: Sheridan Rabbitt

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Podcast episode: The Moreton Bay Foundation

It's fitting that the first official episode of Moreton Bay Online should feature a conversation with the newly-formed Moreton Bay Foundation. The MBF is a newly formed non-profit, and it's non-partisan - the only "stake" they have in how the Bay is managed and used, is that it stays healthy, beautiful, welcoming and productive for… Continue reading Podcast episode: The Moreton Bay Foundation